Cosmobeaute 2013

It had been a year and here we were at the cosmobeaute exhibition 2013 again  in PWTC.   It was a 4 days event (15 July-18 July 2013) and many delegates from all over the world participated in this grand beauty event.  A year apart, we had increase a few other products .  Our skin cooler( the best seller of the year) was still the hot items in the exhibition.   We have added in massage oil range and mask.  The massage oil series consist of slimming, hormone balancing and relaxation. 



Throughout the whole events, our beauty teams had explained how royal white works on pigmented areas, how royal white is able to whitens the skin.  Our beauty experts also did demonstrate the usage of skin cooler to all walks of lives.




We are expanding our beauty team so that we are able to reach more people out there and educated them on how to take good care of the skin.