Hydrating Effects

This moisture barrier is naturally maintained in two ways:
1.     Production of hydrating molecules (Hyaluronic Acid, HA) that are able to hold water up to 1000 times their own weight in water and lock moisture deep within the dermis of our skin. As the amount of HA decreases (as it does with age) our skin gets dehydrated easily, leading to surface roughness, flaking, and fine lines. As a matter of fact, adults have only 1/20th the amount of HA that a baby has.
2. Production of skin’s essential building blocks of moisture barrier (Ceramide) that is able to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, thus helps in maintaining deep, sustained moisture in the skin.
However, climatic variation, stress and pollution can disrupt our skin’s moisture balance, escalate the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, and exhaust our skin’s ability to retain moisture. Once the moisture barrier is compromised, signs of aging will emerge more rapidly, and our skin will start to appear dull and dry.

How does Intense Tri-hydro Restoring Cream work to hydrate your skin?

In order to maintain a durable moisture barrier in your skin, Intense Tri-Hydro Restoring Cream incorporates three effective yet natural hydrating substances that are able to keep your skin moist and well hydrated all day long:

 -      Snow fungus, Tremella fuciformis, a ‘plant hyaluronic acid’, holds water in the skin, hydrates and nourishes the skin.
 - Sodium hyaluronate has a smaller molecular size as hyaluronic acid which makes it especially penetrative. Blended with mixture of smaller molecules, it enables this moisturizing agent to create a protective firm on the skin surface and also penetrate deeper into dermis layer of the skin to restores skin’s water reserves.  Together with snow fungus, they hold water in the skin and provides instant moist to the skin.
 - D-panthenol (Vitamin B5), a natural moisturizing agent that can be absorbed deeply into your skin’s dermis to provide deep essential moisture and a plumping effect to yield younger-looking skin. It also helps in the production of hydrating molecules that maintain long-lasting moisture in your skin. It will soothe, soften and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

To further enhance the moisture barrier of your skin, ceramide, which is naturally present in our skin’s top most layer (stratum corneum), was added to this formula. Ceramide will form a barrier in your skin to safeguards it from external aggressions and dehydration. It also strengthens your skin and provides a protective layer for dry and sensitive skin.


With the adequate amount of moisture, and a durable moisture barrier, your skin will appear younger, smoother, and softer.


 Other skin nutrients include :

 -     Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) that whitens skin and promotes the synthesis of collagen, which is essential in maintaining the tensile strength of skin.  This helps tighten the skin and eliminates wrinkles.
 - Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), which has anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, forms a defensive and reparative mechanism in your skin against harmful UV and environmental pollutant damages. It protects the hyaluronic acid in your skin from degradation, thus providing your skin with long-lasting hydrating.

                      How it hydrates our skin: 



1. On the skin surface

Sodium hyaluronic creates a protective firm that will maintain surface moisture.


2. At the corneal layer

Ceramide reinforces the skin’s barrier function.


3. In the epidermis

Vitamin B5 and snow fungus help in synthesizing of skin's Natural Moisturization factor (NMFs).


4. In the dermis

Sodium hyaluronic binds water deep down the skin, keeping the skin moist.