Clinical Proof

Clinical Proof 1 The efficacy of 4-BR in treating hyperpigmentation


A study was carried out by Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Seoul National University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, investigating the effect iveness of 4-BR in treating hyperpigmentation.  Results were observed at week-4 and week-8 and all patients showed a significant decrease in pigmentation after week-4 and week-8 as compared to pre-applying 4-BR.  The study concluded that 4-BR showed rapid efficacy and was well tolerated.  Below were the results of two patients at week-4 and week-8 of applying 4-BR.

Before Applying
After 4 Weeks
After 8 Weeks
Source from: Ann. Dermatol. Vol. 22, No.1,2010

Clinical Proof 2 The efficacy of kojic acid in treating hyperpigmentation


A study was conducted in National Skin Care Centre, Singapore comparing a product containing kojic acid and those without.  Study was done on 40 Chinese women suffering from hyperpigmentation problems and the outcome was evaluated 12 weeks later.   The results were encouraging as the product containing kojic acid had further lightened the skin’s pigmentation. 

Prior Applying
After 12 Weeks
Source: Dr. Lim JT, National Skin Care Centre, Singapore, Dermatol Surg. 1999 Apr;25(4):282-4.