FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these products safe? Do they contain hydroquinone?
  These products are safe and registered with Ministry of Health. They do not contain any harmful banned ingredients such as hydroquinone-a bleaching whitening ingredient that causes cancer. Furthermore, all our products are paraben-free. Paraben can mimic the estrogen hormone, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancer.
Why are these products effective?
  Our products contain two very effective whitening agents that will make skin fairer.  Together with hydrating properties and other essential nutrients (Vitamin C and Vitamin E) needed by the skin, this complete formula leaves one's skin youthful, radiant and fair.
How long does it take to see results?
  Different individuals experience different response periods depending their skin type, skin condition and the amount of sun exposure they receive on a daily basis. Most of our customers report seeing results in less than a month of continuous daily use.
Will the products cause skin irritation or other side effects?
  Our ingredients, in generally, suit the skin of most individuals.  However, everyone’s skin is different and there may be some extremely sensitive skin types that might react to our products.  Our formula may cause slight peeling of skin after the first few applications. The layer that peels off consists of dead skin cells.  This peeling is very subtle and completely normal. Your skin will look brighter and finer after the peeling.
My face is getting dry and / or peeling? It is normal?

Some skin may be dry and sensitive to the ingredients in our products. You might experience slight skin peeling and dryness in the first week  of use. This is normal and does not signify any harmful side effects. You can reduce the number of applications for the first two weeks to allow your skin to slowly adjust to the ingredients. You should not see any dryness/peeling after your skin completely adjusts to the formula.

If dryness or peeling becomes severe, please contact our consultant via email:


Where can I purchase Royal White products?
  You can purchase these products online via www.RoyalWhiteSkinCare.com or from the appointed distributors.