Testimonial from Adelaine
(Miss Malaysia Universe 2007) :

I’ve started using the products since early January 2011, it’s been a month ever since and I’ve started getting compliments on how
my overall complexion has improved. I especially love the cleansing gel as I do not get the taut and dry feeling after using it unlike some other cleansers that claim to give you a squeaky clean feeling after each wash. This cleansing gel leaves my skin feeling soft & dewy.

My next favorite product would be the day cream as it is easily absorbed by my skin. There’s no sticky feeling and the best of all, comes with SPF protection. I also like the fact that the product is not heavily fragranced or perfumed as I believe that some skin can react to fragrance or perfume in the cosmetics.

As I was browsing through the website, I realized that the products are
reasonably priced, which means it is affordable to everyone out of there. That’s good news as I believe that a good skin care regime should not cost a fortune or even burn a hole in the pocket ! ;)

Testimonial from Datin Loke:

Before I came to know about Royal White products, I was using a very expensive Japanese whitening product which was quite effective on the dark spots on my face. However, after I started to use Royal White , I find that is more effective and I can see better results as the dark spots lightens faster.

I am very happy and satisfied with this product.

Testimonial from Cheryl:

The improvement was not significant during the first two week of use. However, on the third week, the effect became significant as my skin became smoother, much finer and the acne scars have also lighten a lot. However, there is a bit of mild peeling on my cheek, but that was resolved a few days later. All my friends can notice the improvement on my face…hahaha, I feel great!

Testimonial from Tracy:

My skin type is dry and sensitive. The effect of applying this set of whitening products was fast, my skin was fairer although it had a mild peeling after 1st week of use. However, they do not cause sensitivity to my skin. After 2nd week of use, my skin got used the products, and my skin is now much finer, brighter and smoother. Everyone who sees me said I am fairer than before. Thanks to the products.

My advice for those who are on this, there may be peeling, but after your skin gets used to it, you will see your skin become better and brighter. Do apply an extra layer of moisturizing cream if you have very dry skin.

Testimonial from Isabelle Tan:

Dear Royal White,

When I first used the Royal White travel pack, the result was

surprisingly good. Then I decided to buy the full set of the product.

Royal White is different from other brands because it balances my

combination skin and it brightens my skin. My combination skin had

bothered me for long time- the T-zone was oily and the other parts of

my face were dry. When I used other brands, they were either too

Moisturizing for my T-zone or too dry for my cheeks. When I use Royal

White, I do not have this problem. The whitening component in Royal

White makes my skin fairer and most importantly brighter.

Among the products, I love the cleanser and hydrating moisturizer the

most. The cleanser washes off the dirt and dust on my face and after

using it, I feel clean and fresh. The hydrating moisturizer is essential

for me because I always stay in room that has air-conditioner. My skin

stays moist and smooth after applying the moisturizer. Thanks Royal

White for giving me healthy and fair skin.

Your loyal customer,
Isabelle Tan

Testimonial from Sia Tze Harn:

I am an oily skin type girl. My face easily gets pimples and this really makes me not confident.Since trying Royal White , my pimple problem seldom happens to me. My skin is brighter. Also, I feel that I’ve become prettier . It really works!^^

Royal white is a "
贴心" product because it knows what you really need.

My life has become brighter and more confident with Royal White.

Oh yeah~

Testimonial from Li-yen

I've always had clear skin until I was 21, when I got bad break outs from trying a drugstore brand. I tried everything from seeing a dermatologist to buying over-the-counter medicine but nothing made my acne better. I was introduced to Royal White by my classmate 3 months ago (Sep 2011). After using the complete range for 3 months, I’m amazed to say that the formula has cleared my skin and faded most of my acne scars away!

I’ve been using Royal White ever since and at present (Jan 2012), my skin has become finer, smoother and better than it has ever been before. You really have to try it to believe it!

Miss Tan的见证 :


  Royal White,

市面上有数不尽的护肤产品。因此我往往花了不少的钱来寻找最适合的护肤品。我发现以往的产品刚开始使用效果的确都超级好,但可惜的是无法维持长期的效用。最严重的状况是我的皮肤从油性肌肤变成干性皮肤!非常懊恼。机缘巧合下,我遇到了这个品牌。我抱着尝试的心态使用这个产品一个月。首先,由于我的干性皮肤导致脱皮,结果因为使用了这个产品已经减少了百分之七十。原本的痘痕也淡化了,直到我的超级干性皮肤已经慢慢变成接近正常的肌肤!这就是我到现在都还在使用着Royal White的动力, 因为他真的帮助到我很多很多!真得太感谢啦!

Miss Tan  

Testimonial daripada Hemavathi Gunasekaran:
Bila saya pakai produk ini, saya rasa kulit saya lebih cerah dan lebih cantik. Tambahan pula, tona kulit saya lebih sekata berbanding dulu.

Dulu, kulit muka saya sangat kering tetapi sekarang telah berubah menjadi kulit normal- Tiada lagi kulit kering!!! Selepas menggunakan krim pencerah pagi, kulit saya lebih anjal dan putih. Seorang saudara mara jumpa saya pun kata muka saya bertambah cerah berbanding dulu dan kulit saya pun ok juga.

Dulu semasa saya guna pembersih muka yang biasa, kulit saya rasa tegang dan melekat tetapi bila saya guna Royal White Pembersih Muka Gel, muka saya selesa sahaja.

Secara keseluruhan, saya paling suka Krim Pelembap Siang dan Krim Pemulihan Ekstrim Malam. Hurray!

Pengguna Royal White

Testimonial from Ema Shah

Setelah saya menggunakan Royal White selama 1 bulan saya mendapati kulit saya sudah berubah menjadi lebih cerah.Sebelum ini kulit saya berminyak dan berjerawat di bahagian pipi. Tetapi kini semua itu sudah tiada lagi..Kawan saya juga sudah dapat melihat perubahan kulit muka saya… Selain itu, saya suka menggunakan produk ini kerana ia dapat mengurangkan minyak pada muka saya..Oleh itu jerawat pun sudah hilang..Ramai yang menegur perubahan kulit muka saya.Mereka mengatakan kulit saya kini lebih cerah dan bersinar..Ini membuatkan meraka tertanya-tanya produk apa yang saya gunakan…Saya sukakan Royal White Clarifying Cleansing Gel kerana ia tidak “melekit” dan tidak menjadikan kulit tegang berbanding pencuci dari produk lain..Ia juga melembabkan kulit muka saya…Saya juga sukakan Royal White Deep Moist Day Cream kerana saya rasakan kulit saya lebih anjal dan ia tidak menjadikan kulit saya berminyak walaupun seharian saya memakainya..tambahan itu, produk ini mempunyai pelindung sinaran uv dari menggelapkan kulit muka saya..Akhirnya, saya telah mendapat kulit muka yang saya idamkan selama ini..oleh itu, saya mengesyorkan kepada anda yang mempunyai masalah kulit muka bolehlah menggunakan produk ini tanpa rasa bimbang..

Ema Shah

Testimonial from Nuriman

Testimonial from Nuraini